Hustlepreneur Was A Huge Success!!

We had an amazing time at the first Hustlepreneur event at Keller Williams! We invited 6 amazing entrepreneurs to speak on their business strategies and give our guests tips on how to get started in entrepreneurship. Despite the in climate weather ( the sudden monsoon), our event had over twenty attendees who enjoyed the two hour panel session!

Our session was moderated by Nassir- a young entrepreneur who kept the flow of questions and program running smoothly. The audience was captivated and continued to probe the panelists for more information. We had a quick breakout session where panelists and guests enjoyed our delicious catered food from Sandys Kitchen Catering (black owned). Our session began again and lasted late into the evening.

Overall, the event was a truly a huge success! Family, friends, and community members came out to enjoy our first production! We received so much praise from all of our attendees. We believe the second show will be even better!

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