Two-Time College Dropout Teaches Creatives How to Build Successful Businesses

    After dropping out of college two times, Brandon developed a six-figure business. Brandon started his career as a rapper. Then he learned how to film and edit rap videos.

    “I had to practice on people. That’s how you get better. You have to practice. So I said let me do your video for free,” Brandon explained. “They said ‘I’ll pay you to do it again.’ I said okay cool, I’ll take your $200. So I started taking all my friend’s money. Before you know it, I became a music video director.”

    In an inspiring interview with Xavier, The Digital Marxman, Brandon shares insights on how to become a successful business owner.

    BLACK AFFLUENCE: What are some of the pain points for people that you help?

    Brandon ShotMe: Photographers and videographers feel like they need clients. Yes, they do need clients, but it’s a lot of business aspects as far as the mindset that they don’t understand. Especially when you’re coming from school or you’re going to college, and they teach you something different. If you understand how to work a camera, it’s everything outside of that you need to understand: marketing, branding, building relationships and changing your mindset. Once you change your mindset, you will be able to get the clients. You need to act as a business owner.

    BLACK AFFLUENCE: How are you different?

    BS: My business model for my photography and videography class is hands-on. I’m teaching you with your camera because I know you won’t learn without practicing. I’m real personal. I show you how. At my presentation today, I had everyone go outside. 125 people. I don’t care if it’s cold, hot, blizzard, sleet, or snow. You have to disrupt. That goes back to your generational family line. We have to do something different.

    BLACK AFFLUENCE: What’s your number one advice for people getting started in the industry?

    BS: Don’t fall in love with it. A lot of people say you should fall in love with the process, but don’t fall in love with what you do. There is a difference between your passion and your talent. Video is not my passion. It’s my talent. My passion is actually helping people. God put me on this earth to help people. I help people find their gifts and live their dreams.

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