Each month Black Affluence hosts and partners with several local organizations in order to provide access to Financial Education to the people at a free or reduced cost. Our belief is that multiple like-minded people in the same room have the power to do things beyond imagination. Take a look at our upcoming events, as well as how you can participate or volunteer!


Becoming partners with Black Affluence has many benefits including; access to all of our networking events, access to our social media audience which currently brings in 300,000+ impressions/week. Our network of experienced professionals allow you a unique experience featuring some of the best and brought black business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Our Hustlepreneur Podcast is where we highlight one very amazing entrepreneurs, not just locally in the DMV but also around the world. Many of us have very important stories, but because we are the ones living them, we forget just how powerful and inspirational they truly are.  Our platform increases the visibility and reach of their story!

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