Black Affluence Interview with Nicole Briana

For Nicole Williams, 2018 has been the year of yes. As a social media fitness professional, Nicole shares her fitness journey to encourage others and helps fitness brands build capacity. In addition, as a social media manager, she hosts events, parties and engagements for radio/media coverage.

Nicole is a 2016 Towson University graduate with a degree in Communications and American Sign Language. With her vast knowledge in communications and passion for social media, Nicole continues to better strategic social media skills by assisting brand, businesses and personalities on how to effectively manage their social media platforms.  In 2015, Nicole has started her own sunglasses company called Too Shady. Then in 2017, she began hosting an Internet Radio and now host a Monday night Internet Radio show.

Currently, Nicole is focused on all things social media and fitness. By managing social media for brands and businesses to hosting and providing media coverage for events, shows, Nicole finds it important to teach brands how to make the most of social media and turn likes into dollars.

Growth Mindset

The growth mindset says the best is yet to come. People that have a growth mindset see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. They also seek opportunities to develop their skills and talents. Nicole’s growth mindset has caused her business to flourish and set smart goals for the future.

BLACK AFFLUENCE: Where would you like to see your business in 3 years? What’s the ultimate vision?

NICOLE: Payroll! I want to have employees. Honestly, in a year I want to have people on staff. Right now, I have people who are on the team, but I want to be able to sustain myself fully. Also, even if it’s only part-time, I want to be able to have people on the payroll. I’m moving in that direction so it’s not like it’s out of reach.

BLACK AFFLUENCE: What do you value most about money?

NICOLE: I feel like money brings you freedom. I’m not going to say it brings you peace, but in a sense it does. If I can make my money how I want to make it when I want to I won’t have to bend my will or compromise myself to get some coins so I can pay my bills. And also, for those around me, for their sanity: my parents, my family. If we all eating and we all getting money we’re good.

And granted, you see people who are wealthy and then, you have these envious people around them, but that’s because these people are getting the money. I’m not going to be the type of person saying I’m giving, giving, giving. No, everyone around me is going to be working. There won’t be any envy or jealousy because we’re all going to be getting that money. So that’s why it’s going to mean something and consistently come. You get what you work for.

BLACK AFFLUENCE: What is your strongest expertise? If you could teach a class on anything, what would it be?

NICOLE: I’m not really the type of person that wants to be the best at one thing. I’d rather be good at seven different things than the best at one because that makes me more versatile.

Is Entrepreneurship For Everyone?

There is no doubt that entrepreneurship has been on the rise. With more people desiring freedom and flexibility, there has been an influx of startups and entrepreneurs. According to, in the US alone, “the number of on-campus entrepreneurship programs offered in universities has increased from 180 to 2000+ between 1990 and 2014. 27 million Americans are starting or running new businesses.”

BLACK AFFLUENCE: You always hear people say, “Everyone is not meant to be an entrepreneur, everyone’s not meant to work for themselves.” Do you agree?

NICOLE: That’s true. But everybody’s not meant to be in a dead end job and unhappy. Being unhappy is not what people are meant to be. Yes, it might not be meant for you to start a company, but you are meant to be happy. You are meant to sow a seed somewhere where you are valued.

As young entrepreneurs, not everyone gets it as fast as us. We left corporate America or we’re leaving corporate America. We have this mindset like we know how things can be. But not everyone else is there. Their holding on to the safety net. They don’t know what to do. I left corporate America, but how am I going to make money? What is my skill? What is my trade? How do I tell people to buy from me?

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