Hustlepreneur 101

Hustlepreneur 101: Don’t Hustle Backwards

Having a safe place for people, in particular, African American, to discuss business and important topics and issues is an essential tool to ensure growth along the tedious process. By providing these environments, and open community based on knowledge and friendship is created and nurtured.


The key to success in virtually any field is your ability to network and build connections. Meet some of the most innovative and talented entrepreneurs from various fields in our community. Build relationships and forge with new friendships with faces from all over the DMV!

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We believe that knowledge is the key to the locks that have been placed on our minds. By connecting experienced entrepreneurs with those who are looking to move towards financial independence,  2 things happen; we increase the opportunities for Black Dollars to be kept in our community, as well as creating group of informed people that now have the ability to share the knowledge they've gained. 

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