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I want to tell you a story,
One of affluence. The world is relative to your perspective of it! Therefore, if you agree with what I’m about to tell you or you don’t you would be absolutely correct either way. Since what I have to say is a direct reflection of the life I’ve led and the lessons I’ve learned based on the experiences I’ve had and the mistakes I’ve made, I can assure you of one thing; Your life is the result of the direction you chose to take based on how you chose to react to situations you found yourself in.

If you watch to much television you are influenced by what you see both in the news and on the programing, there’s a reason they call it television programming, your mind is being programmed. This is your influence, its why you own what you own. You’ve intentionally seen it on television so that you would consume it.

The same works for all kinds of information. We often hold in our heads an idea of who we are in a world we live in. We defend who we are, our image. While in reality there is no two versions of you alike based on who you interact with. Therefore, the version of yourself you’ve created in your mind and cultivate in reality is only really how you see yourself based on your experiences. Every other person who meets you sees the image you are trying to portray and adds their own life experiences into the mix of what you are delivering. In other words if you meet someone who is personally having a bad day they could see you as a negative experience, while the person directly to their left is having a great day and instantly loves everything about you.

I share these stories with you so I can corollate how we tend to view money or wealth. We have this idea in our head about what it is, meanwhile, there are no two similar views on wealth, everyone has their own spin on what it is, what it means and how to attain it.

Truth is, wealth is simply the result of certain actions.

We will have many guests on our new podcast, some will be extremely wealthy and others on their way. The intended audience of this show are people who have been trying to attain wealth while holding onto, perhaps, improper mental methods or values toward what they are attempting to attain.

Our topics will span everything from the struggle to arrival. Also, arrival is not what most think it is either! Remember Failure exists purely as part of success, and success only leads to greater challenges. There is only one “Final Destination” in this game of life we are playing. Everything else is purely an experience.

We know you are going to love what we have put together for you almost as much as we have loved putting it together ourselves! I thank you personally for reading into our little project and please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything you would like to know

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My name is Xavier Snow and I look forward to helping.