In America, 77 millions people are struggling to pay their bills on time. How can this be true in one of the richest countries in the world? Unfortunately, our school systems have failed to prepare us for the world that we are inevitably bound to face…

Here at Black Affluence we believe that financial independence starts with you, and for us that means your mindset! Without a solid foundation no house will stand. Have a stable foundation on your financial situation is vital to your journey to freedom.

Certified Career Coach Dominic Weeks has been helping people from all walks of life, gain the confidence they need to succeed for years. After being in education for over 7 years, Dominic has sharpened his oratory skills to the point that he can teach almost anyone.

With over 50 Stock Market Sessions and 40 revised resumes under his belt Dominic “Minister of Finance” is ready to help you reach your potential.