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Media" pieces, it's advised to obtain a complete list of materials from the seller due to various reasons.

 If your work isn’t signed by the artist, it's a good idea either to request a Certificate Authenticity (COA) signed by artist or an autographed sticker.

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 The sticker has been signed by artist and is attached to the reverse side of the item. The sticker should not contain the price, but they should include the piece's title and year.

 was made, its medium, and dimensions.

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 Some estates of artists do not provide COAs, so long as the artist is still alive, any reputable gallery is likely to be able to provide a COA at the time.


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 Artwork Archive's Premier Collector plan allows subscribers to upload and store digital copies of each COA of the artwork using its "additionalfiles" function.

 Do: Check the materials used

 You may not need to confirm the materials used for oil paintings or acrylic paintings on canvas. In the case of "mixed" paintings, however, it is necessary to confirm the substances used.

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 Media" pieces, it's advised to obtain a complete list of materials from the seller due to various reasons.

 Certain materials may not last as well or have a short lifespan. This is something that you as the buyer must be aware about before buying. Multimedia work may contain

 There will be components like lightbulbs, for instance, that will eventually need to replaced. What happens if these components aren't being produced any more? Caveat

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