Reasonable time

Timely: Can it be realistic to achieve this goal within a reasonable time frame?

My vision for my lifetime? Does it match my goals for the quarter? What is the reason I should spend my time and effort in pursuit of this goal?

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 These questions can help you focus your efforts on the things that matter. Do not be afraid to cut goals that don't align with your goals, or change your goals.

 Once they are fixed after which they can be moved around.

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 Be more aware of your goals.

 Now that you understand the reason you're making a goal and can reap the benefits of your goal process--set better goals.

 Goals that are achievable and well-thought-out are successful. The SMART goals are precise and achievable, as well as realistic and achievable. They are also timely.

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 Specific: Is the objective clear and narrow enough in its scope?

 Measurable - Can you track your progress? And can you determine when the goal has been attained?

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 It is achievable. Can it be achieved?

 Relevant: Does your goal aligned with your vision and art business?

 Timely: Can it be realistic to achieve this goal within a reasonable time frame?

 SMART goals are more effective than generalized goals since they help you stay on track. For example, let's say your goal was updating your portfolio, or inventory.

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