Some of the latest features of the Madden 22 franchise model

Some of the latest features of the Madden 22 franchise model

Although Madden 22 has not yet been officially released, it is understood that this year's Madden will redesign the franchise model, and it is expected that the franchise model will be very different this season. This is also different from the previous EA Sports that often avoided shaking in Madden's franchise model.

The Madden 22 franchise model will Buy MUT 22 Coins bring some new features. The screenshot shows that the design of the user interface has been completely redesigned. The background showing the coach pacing back and forth and working on the computer disappeared. The background has basically been replaced by a black canvas, allowing players to focus on their team. The color scheme is also very novel, giving people a refreshing feeling.

The next most immediate change is the addition of a more complex coaching experience. In the past few years, Madden's coach "staff" only included the head coach. Madden 22 has an offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and player personnel director. Every coach is different, including their own skill tree to choose from. Each coach will accumulate experience points and use these experience points to upgrade, adding new bonuses and allowances to the remaining coaches. Any coach in the staff can be changed at any time. Just like in the NFL, if the coach does not exercise, he may be fired and replaced by someone else.

Scouting is the other most significant change, and it has completely changed in Madden 22. In the previous version, this was a quick process that included spending scouting points every week to see in which round a player was selected. Now it has become more complicated and reflect on how reconnaissance works. In the NFL, the team's resources and time are limited. They cannot be everywhere at the same time. In Madden 22, this is reflected in the new scouting system.

In this system, the country will be divided into different parts. These sections will provide some basic information about available talent. For example, one region of the country may have a lot of talent for quarterbacks, while another region may have a lot of talent for catchers. Players can choose the correct region of the country to spend time scouting during the season. Scouting changes will be reflected in an update after the release in September. It is not clear how the reconnaissance will be handled from launch to then.

Although there are many changes at the macro level, Madden 22's franchise model also has many smaller changes. For example, the coach will attend a press conference, and the players need to decide how to answer questions at the press conference. Player management this season will also be more in-depth. In order to keep NFL players away from fatigue on match day, players will need to track their endurance throughout the season. If you want to see more information about Madden 22, you can visit website here and spend a small amount of money to buy MUT 22 Coins.

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