A Guide to Faxing without a Fax Machine:

What exactly is cloud fax? Cloud fax services are a somewhat hazy concept for many businesses. Many companies are familiar with terms like “internet fax,” “fax via email,” “online faxing,” and “the cloud,” but they are unfamiliar with the technical rationale behind online f

You may have already read a slew of cloud fax reviews and are considering ditching your old fax machine in favor of a more dependable alternative. Regardless, this guide will provide you with all of the information you require to make an informed business decision.

Cloud faxing, in its broadest sense, allows users to send and receive faxed documents via email or a web portal, without the need for on-premises hardware or software. Moving business operations to cloud-based faxing services allow a company to seamlessly integrate online internet faxing into an existing email communication thread, given that email is one of the most widely used tools in today's offices.

Email is just one of many options available to a business when it comes to updating traditional fax infrastructure and eventually moving away from hard-wired machines and clunky, expensive fax servers to a cloud faxing model.

Your company can benefit from a variety of flexible options with online faxing, making faxing your primary communication tool. Aside from the obvious communication advantages, cloud-based faxing has a number of other advantages, including increased productivity and lower IT costs. By bringing your fax service online, you can eliminate costly and time-consuming machine maintenance while also reducing paper consumption and office supply costs.

In this article, we'll go over how cloud-based faxing works, with a focus on how it can be integrated into your company's existing email communications, before going over the various ways that businesses can use cloud-based technology to unify and improve their existing communications systems.

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