Jota insists he's not obsessed with competing for Liverpool's attacking position.

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Diogo Jota, the Liverpool striker, said he wasn't obsessed with competing for a position at all. Ready to say that he is very happy to be with the "Reds" after he has been with the team for 1 year

Liverpool's Portuguese forward Diogo Jota insists he is not obsessed with competing for a place in the team's current attacking trio. And said that the offensive line consisting of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino is considered a world-class offensive line.

Jota has been at Liverpool for around a year, where he's performed so well that some see him as a replacement for Firmino, given his finishing skills. That looks better than the blood star of Samba.

The Portuguese national team star gave an interview to the club's official website. “I knew right from the start that they were one of the best attacking three in the world. But I've never been obsessed about taking positions from others. I was just thinking of coming in and doing my best both in training and on the day of the match. Then it's up to the manager to decide how. I think it's very helpful to have players who are always ready to help you. Because in the end, what we all want is victory. And you can only do that with good players. Only in the team"

Jota added that he was very happy. To play for a wonderful club like Liverpool: "Like you said I've been with the team for 12 months, I think it's very special. To play for such a wonderful club with great surroundings like Anfield and with support from all over the world. Ultimately, players like us all want to play a part in winning and winning trophies. We are now at the start of the new season. And we will chase every championship.”

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