Renaissance of Mediterranean Aesthetic

In case you are an enthusiast of rich living, there could be no more excellent building style for you than the Mediterranean. These homes remind you of seaside villas and times that you would have spent on vacation.

That said, have you ever wondered what it is that makes the Mediterranean home so unique? We decided to take on an in-depth tour looking at what it is that makes Mediterranean homes different. If you take the time to read over these distinctions, you will be an expert on this.


The Mediterranean is a huge area, so how do you capture all of it in a single aesthetic? This blog will look at the Mediterranean Revival style and see what elements are known to define it.


The Mediterranean has a great reputation. Warm sun, soft beaches, cool drinks, and exotic flavors - who would not want to live there? Well, if you can not afford to make a move overseas, or if you're unwilling to give up hamburgers for the rest time of your life, then how about just bringing the Mediterranean to you? That's the idea behind the Mediterranean Revival style of architecture. This title is a bit misleading since it's more about capturing the feel of the Mediterranean than reviving any specific type, but it's still a fun aesthetic. All you need is a pitcher of sangria and a cup of gelato, and the Mediterranean is right at your fingertips.


The Mediterranean Revival style in architecture is focused on capturing the feeling of Mediterranean villas. It became well accepted across the globe in the 1920s and 1930s, but why? The wealth and obsession with the leisure that defined the Roaring Twenties led to a boom in seaside resorts across the globe. Warm, tropical places like California and Florida developed their first sustainable tourist industries around these coastal playgrounds. To attract more tourism, they sought to embrace a unique aesthetic that felt exotic and relaxing.


The Mediterranean Revival is a unique style but also identical to the Spanish Revival and Mission Revival buildings of the era. Here are a few definitive traits of the Mediterranean Revival to help you identify it on your next trip to the coast.


In terms of specific design elements, one of the most obvious is the roof. Roofs tend to be low-pitched, with broad overhanging eaves, and most importantly, covered in heavy red tiles. The red-tiled top is one of the most distinctive elements of this style, but be careful; it's also common in other forms of Spanish revivalism.


Moving down from the famous red-tile roofs, we can see some more unique elements in the façade. Mediterranean Revival buildings are always covered in mosaics and are usually painted white. This white contrasts sharply with the bright and red tiles and is a distinctive element of the style.


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