Combat level is no longer necessary

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Potions can be used to boost these abilities. Ancient Warriors' pvp armour requires 40 defense. Void, at 42, is the lowest level of OSRS gold nondegradable Power Armour. Fremmenik, at 50, follows. Now, to what extent is this worth doing? EoC PKing is currently nonexistent outside of warbands.

Combat level is no longer necessary for the warband system currently in use. Players with warband loot are at risk of being attacked by anyone. Legacy PKing has very limited defense capabilities, which makes difficult to defend. Jagex, however, has plans to "revitalise the wilderness. But, no specifics have been revealed. What are your plans to change your defense?

Where is all this money coming from in buy RuneScape gold the first place? Although I am not an economist, I think it is fair to say that RuneScape will always be subject to the effects of inflation. Because of the Grand Exchange the money that is that players spend is transferred to other players. The money earned by other players can also be used for quests and monsters or for other purposes.

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