Searching For the Best Glucose Meter? Here You’ll Find The Best One

Diabetes is a significant worry for some individuals and it turns into a chaotic task to quantify and screen glucose level by keeping a Glucose meter consistently with you.

Diabetes is a significant worry for some individuals and it turns into a chaotic task to quantify and screen glucose level by keeping a Glucose meter consistently with you.

What's more, this issue is settled by the BeatO glucometer that is little in size that works with your cell phone.

Best of all, it shows your outcome on your cell phone and doesn't have its own screen simplifying it to utilize and keep in your sacks or use them while voyaging.


The exactness of BeatO glucometer is near +/ - 15 that implies the glucose meter will show 10 to 15 focus distinction contrasted with lab tests.

The precision of BeatO is less when contrasted with other glucometers in the market which give around +/ - 10% distinction.

Moreover, this Glucometer is ISO affirmed which guarantees that this glucose meter is secure for customer use.

No Battery:

It is stunning that BeatO glucometer needn't bother with Batteries or any sort of charging to influence when contrasted other glucometers where you need with change the batteries regularly and it cost you time and cash yet it is saved in BeatO glucometer as it is fueled by your cell phone when you interface with it.


As said before this glucose meter is tiny and light weighted so that you can take it anywhere in the waterproof pocket furnished with the Glucometer unit.

No Coding:

Coding isn't needed and you can utilize the Glucometer for what it's worth without much effort.

Test Strips:

The test strips are not difficult to utilize and this glucometer strips price is around 12 to 14 Rs per strip which is reasonable and modest contrasted with a portion of the Glucometers on the lookout.

BeatO Application:

You need to download an application that stores your outcomes and sort out your readings in the log book in the application.

The element of the application is extraordinary:

  •         It gives outline and patterns or diagrams of your sugar level readings that can assist you with examining your sugar level better
  •         It gives high and low level caution if your outcome isn't in the typical levels.
  •         They are consequently imparted to your two saved contacts (your Doctor or friends and family) if your sugar level is out of typical reach which can be truly useful for your wellbeing.
  •         Shading based outcomes in your application that assists you with surveying your outcomes in a simple manner.
  •         Simulated intelligence based framework in the application that guides you through cautions and graphs to help in your diabetic life.
  •         You can set updates and add notes like fasting sugar or pre and post dinner readings over your outcomes.
  •         This application likewise predicts your HbA1c dependent on your sugar levels however it doesn't imply that it is exact.

So in short their application is a genuine assistance for diabetic individuals and they likewise give Call Support to direct you better.

The application needs web association with work appropriately.


The glucometer has a memory of 4000 tests which is obviously superior to numerous glucometers.

Result time:

It takes around 5 seconds to show your outcome.

Blood Sample:

You need to drop around 0.6µl to gauge your blood glucose level.


It is actually a reasonable glucose meter and furthermore the test strips are modest when contrasted with other glucometers.


  1.       No battery
  2.       Extraordinary application
  3.       All the provisions

The Final Verdict:  BeatO CURV Glucometer

The BeatO Glucometer is a spending plan cordial and effectively versatile and with its BeatO application it gives great elements to you.

This glucose meter is explicitly intended to be used with a cell phone and is liked by numerous clients for its minimal size and usability.

They have two kinds of Glucometer :

  1.       BeatO Glucometer with Type C USB Buy on Amazon
  2.       BeatO Glucometer with ordinary USB Buy on Amazon

Purchase as indicated by the sort of phone you use.

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