The most basic and detailed live baccarat - real dealers rules

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live baccarat - real dealers is an online casino game that is loved by a large number of people around the world and is mostly played in casinos by most people. But one thing is that not everyone knows all the rules of Baccarat. There are many tutorials on how to play Baccarat on the Internet that are very simple and easy to confuse, therefore, we have made the following tutorial to help players understand the rules of Baccarat.

General introduction to the rules of Baccarat

Basically, the rules of Baccarat are like Vietnamese scratch cards, the total score of 9 is the largest and will win. Of all the games played at Casino, Baccarat is the one that you have the highest probability of winning. If you place a bet on Banker or Phayer, your probability of winning is 50%, which is equal to the house's probability of winning. The house only makes money from 5% commission every time you place at Banker and win. They also have an advantage over you if you place a Tie (Tie).

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