How to buy a thesis in New York

Thesis work on order is carried out with strict adherence to the sequence of actions, as well as, after the author has received all the necessary information.

To evaluate the order, the following data is required from you: 

  • Topic and assignment from the head;
  • The volume of text pages and the required originality;
  • The deadline for delivery and the desired time frame for obtaining the first results of work;
  • Additional information (guidelines, plan, example, etc.).

  After receiving the application, the manager of the company clarifies the above points, contacts the author to discuss the cost and terms.    



How long does it take to write a thesis to order

To work out the material with high quality, the author needs from 2 to 3 weeks (for a volume of 50 pages), less voluminous projects are completed faster. If you need to buy a thesis urgently - not a problem, we coped with it in less than 3 days. In such cases, the plan is not approved, the author immediately forms the content from the collected material, performs the practical part. Of course, you will need to pay extra for urgency; extremely urgent orders are, on average, 60-80% more expensive than usual. We process urgent requests out of turn, announce the price within 1 hour and are ready to start execution on the day the request is received.      



Additional services

Often, diploma supervisors, in addition to diploma theses, demand to write a scientific article for publication in a journal, or abstracts for a presentation at a conference (especially, this applies to students who apply for a red diploma). Also, to defend a project, it is often required to make a PowerPoint presentation and make a presentation. In more rare cases, they are asked to write an abstract, a review. * We carry out these materials free of charge, if you order work from 50 pages, and send them along with the main project. We help with any subject, even with biology      



We will help every student

Do you urgently need a thesis on economics, pedagogy, psychology, programming, or something else? We are preparing a diploma to order in all scientific disciplines, even “for yesterday”. In the process of writing, we will certainly take into account the requirements of your teacher and your personal wishes. But do not forget about state standards and the specifics of the requirements of individual American universities. On our website, you can order a thesis (master's, bachelor's, for a school), term paper, practice report or small intermediate ones, such as an essay, essay, control, and so on. If the time for the thesis has not yet come - leave a request for writing a term paper here  

We will always be happy to help you!



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