Online sellers 'hotbed' dangerous items, experts warn

A group of emergency services, consumer watchdogs and safety groups

Online sellers #39;hotbed#39; for dangerous items experts warn


online market is The "breeding grounds" for vulnerable electronic devices, such as hair dryers and straighteners, are at risk of electric shock. and dangerous toys

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The group wants sites like Amazon, eBay, Wish, and AliExpress to be held accountable for unsafe listings.Each of these retailers removes malicious listings when contacted.

At the moment, the "gap in the law" means the market doesn't meet the same standards as the High Street stores, the group said.

that means "They are not responsible for the safety of products sold to millions of consumers through their platforms.

That's because many purchases are made by sellers who are Therefore, the website facilitates the purchase. but not sold by themselves in a letter to the minister The group said the status quo "Still puts consumers at risk.

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