Energy Dome uses CO2 to store long-term energy for solar power.

Longer-term energy storage is a drag,


Long-term energy storage is tricky. and many battery technologies have focused on “How fast can we recharge these batteries? So I can drive the EV for a few hundred miles.” That's a fundamentally different

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problem than trying to capture the sun's energy for 12 hours before releasing it for the next 12 hours. while the moon was lazily strolling in the night sky

Energy Dome has closed an $11 million Series A fund with the goal of deploying the first commercially viable CO2 battery in a demonstration project in Sardinia, Italy.The company tells us that the optimal charge/discharge

cycle for CO2 batteries is in the range of 4 to 24 hours, which is ideal for daily and during the day cycling. Point out that this is a fast growing market segment. not well served by existing battery technology, especially

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