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I’m Xavier Snow and I’ll tell you what Black Affluence is about and how it came to be.

The gap between college and real life:

After graduating from college I started working a lot, in all kinds of places and I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere.
Unfortunately, our education system has been failing systematically to prepare students to be financially free, or even financially literate. This issue is more evident in black and brown communities, where the average household income is forecasted to reach a staggering 0$ by 2050.
I was barely earning to make ends meet, and if I kept on that track I was never going to be able to stop worrying about money.
It is common to see ourselves hopelessly subject to accept whatever is at our hands, just to get by and feed our family.
I learned that if I wanted to be successful I had to take control of my life and my financial future by investing in myself. Shortly after, I began to immerse myself in the world of online education and digital marketing.

A new beginning: Black Affluence is born:

In 2017, I moved to DC with my dad and started a new life.
I created Black Affluence with a friend and co-worker. We felt the same dissatisfaction towards the nine-to-five lifestyle we were having while working together. Although we had no business plan, the idea was simple: to create a platform for young black people to learn financial
literacy. We started a group chat with our friends discussing stocks, real estate, personal finance, and more. We would go on to host a series of free monthly events known as Hustlepreneur 101 in the Metropolitan- DC area. In the beginning, it was only a few close friends, but as word got out, it became clear that we were not the only ones who felt that something was missing in our education programs. In 3 months our community grew to over 1,000 people, and in January 2018 we founded Black

What we do:

We provide the community with access to professionals in various fields in the form of panel discussions, game shows, and honest conversations. The idea is to help others learn about investments in the stock market and take the first steps towards financial freedom.
Black Affluence is not about a side hustle to make some extra income. It is about gaining knowledge and skills to succeed and dominate byworking together and creating our own systems! I have also developed a marketing agency, The Digital Marxman, in which I help community-based small businesses and nonprofits grow their online presence on social media.
At present, I am in the process of recruiting instructors for my platform known as Black Affluence Academy that will provide underserved students of all ages in the Black community with access to an abundance of financial and entrepreneurial-based training.

How far will we go?:

My ultimate goal in life is to help 10,000 people in my community reach financial independence so that they begin to build generational wealth for themselves and their families.
Do you think this sounds too ambitious? I don’t.
Through our educational courses, community outreach, and strategic
partnerships, I truly believe this goal is achievable.
I believe in our system, our strength, and our commitment to make it a reality, and we won’t stop until we get it, because we know it is possible.
Would you join our community?

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